About Continental Style - Be Style:


Be Style was born in 1995, as an initiative of several partners with extensive experience in the perfumes business & Franchising sector.

The brand was created with the main objective of covering an important need in the market of perfumery, because until then there was no offer of high quality perfumes at affordable prices.


Be Style came to democratize a world very far related to the exorbitant prices.

This confidence has allowed a dramatically growth, weaving a network of stores and over 15 stores in several cities and towns of Palestine. 


Continental Style International Group

Continental Style is a company formed by a group of companies, which are encompassed within Continental Style International Group. Its expansion is done through licensing and supply brand use, which has complete territorial exclusivity of our products.



Be Style was born with the mission to meet the consumer needs in the area of perfumery. The new consumers demand high quality products at affordable prices, and the result of this need Be Style born.

The brand offers a wide variety of high quality perfumes at low cost rates, classified by olfactory families. The customer can choose the amount of perfume he wants to purchase.


Be Style completes its offer with other ranges of products such as author perfumes, solid perfume, Reed Diffuser air fresheners and Body splash, among others. The aim is to meet the needs of consumers in the areas of the perfume and cosmetics.



Be Style is the expert brand fragrance and aroma. We care for the elaboration of all our products in a very special, so that the quality of all of them is excellent. All of our perfumes and fragrances are own manufactured, following the strictest quality controls, and caressing every part of the production process.

Our team of specialists and creators made each product with delicate essences.